Can I Keep My Number On SIM Only?

Can I Keep My Number On SIM Only?

A few quick and simple pointers explaining how to keep your old mobile number with your new SIM Only deal.

Everyone likes to avoid the time-consuming hassle that comes with a new mobile number, but with SIM Only it’s easy and stress-free to keep your old number, even if you are changing network.  SIM Only is designed to be a simple choice for mobile, so keeping your old number is always an option. All you have to do is request your PAC (Port Authorisation Code) number from your original provider, and then contact the new provider within 30 days.  If the provider is not changing then simply inform them that you wish to have the old number transferred to the new SIM.  There will be a short wait for the transfer to take place, but you will not have to wait too long.

The process is the same whether you are transferring from Pay As You Go or contract, and you must have the PAC number in order to make the mobile number transfer from one network to another. 

Please note that you are legally entitled to your PAC number under Ofcom’s ‘General Conditions of Entitlement’ (2003) Condition 18, which requires your provider to offer number portability.  You should have the number within 2 days, but you should also be aware that your provider can deny the request if:

  • the number does not belong to you
  • the number has been terminated
  • the account holder is deceased
  • a valid PAC has already been issued
  • you supply inadequate details when asked to verify your identity

If you are having any issues with the transfer of your mobile phone number then contact your provider’s customer services, but the process is usually very quick and painless!

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